It may sound obvious, but to see the change you want, you need to do things differently.
To achieve a change, you need to change!

Although this may be seem simple, sometimes ‘simple’ can be really hard and this is where I can help.

Here’s how I see it. Insanity was once described as “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. This tells us a couple of things. Firstly, often we are trapped in unhelpful patterns that we repeat time and time again. The result? Nothing changes and we feel frustrated but don’t know why or what to do about it.

Secondly, sometimes our expectations can get in the way of us moving forward. We expect things (and other people!) to be different to the way they are and we feel disappointed and stuck. I can help with these challenges. This means helping you understand and work through the patterns that are holding you back and establish ones that can actively move you forward.

We’ll work with your expectations too – those that are about yourself and your life, challenging the ones that are unrealistic or unhelpful and finding ones that are achievable and inspiring.

What you can expect

I promise you that I will always listen, to hear your truth and understand the world as you see it. This is important for our relationship as we will work with the person you are, your realities, your strengths and your obstacles.

I will be compassionate, honest and open with you during our time together – I have found that this is the fastest and most effective way to help you with the changes you want to make.

I use powerful questions to help you explore your current ways of thinking and being, helping you identify patterns that are working against you and look for new ways to make helpful choices and take control.

Above all, I firmly believe that you can create the life you want through gaining a clear understanding of who you are and being true to yourself. I want you to be the best possible version of you, to live the best life you can.

During my work as a coach, I have found several ingredients that combined together to help you to make successful and lasting changes.

Working Together

When we work together I will help you to:

  • Be true to yourself
    This can be hard!  Often, we are living a life based on what others want us to be (or what we think they want us to be). For some, this can be about upbringing, or major life events, for others, about what they feel they need to be in order gain acceptance. Being true to you means greater self-reflection, self-acceptance and comfort in the person you are. It will help you identify the goals that work best for you and mean that you stand a greater chance of achieving them as your heart and mind are fully aligned​

  • Hold yourself accountable
    Once we have discovered what you truly want to achieve you can put steps in place to get there. This is about you making the changes needed, because they are important to your truth​

  • Identify the things that are holding you back
    Often this is about bringing unconscious processes into conscious awareness, helping you to understand your internal barriers and the choices you have to overcome them​

  • Plan for your success
    Here it’s useful to focus on a few key steps to get you started and cement your success. As you move forward we will review and re-focus to create lasting change.

“You must take personal responsibility.  You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.”

Jim Rohn