Over the years I have worked with clients to help them to change their mindset and achieve success in all areas of their lives including, Confidence and Self-esteem, Stress, Weight Loss, Presentation Performance and Chronic Illness.

Here are some testimonials from my clients

“I saw Donna at a very challenging and dark point in my life. Over a period of several months she worked with me on NLP and also some Hypnotherapy.  I now understand myself much better and and that has made me a much happier, more positive person who is not ashamed to dream big and aim high. I’m now much better equipped to deal with what life throws my way and can say with 100% conviction that without Donna’s help I would not have come out of the other side. I am very grateful for that!”


 “I was stuck in an unhappy rut and my sessions broke down my fixed negative behaviours and opened up my mind to the many possibilities life has to offer; freeing me to become the person I want to be, rather than who I felt I should be.”


  “I’d always had problems with my weight, I have a good knowledge base and experience with diet and exercise but I knew my main problem was eating when stressed, particularly cakes, donuts and other sugary carbs. I had this specific thought in my head that this was the problem and within a few sessions with Donna I would still crave them but when I went to the shop I would get the thought I didn’t want or need them and would be ok.  After another few sessions I had even stopped craving them but also I have stopped eating sweets like chocolate or jellies and even regular carbs like bread. I have lost about 3 stone in weight and was so impressed with Donna that I continued to take sessions with her on low confidence and self esteem.”


 “Donna worked with our team for several years, providing Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for our patients with functional bowel disorders.  She has a real insight into GI disorders and an ability to connect with patients.  She was able to support the treatment of a wide variety of conditions and we saw significant improvements in the patients she managed.  Patients often expressed their satisfaction with treatments and their appreciation of Donna’s support and many requested continuation of treatment after the initial course. “

Prof Yan Yiannakou, Consultant Neurogastroenterlogist and Director of R&D
for County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust