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Transformational Life Coach

My Background

I’ve worked in mental health for almost 20 years. During this time, I’ve met people from many different backgrounds and walks of life. This has given me an understanding and acceptance of people for who they are, often at the most challenging times of their life.

I decided to take this further in 2005 when I trained as a Life Coach and later trained as an NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

By combining these skills and a holistic approach I have worked with clients to achieve their goals around many different aspects of their life, including, career, health, relationships and improving their overall well-being.

I also worked for several years with Professor Yiannakou as part of the team in the Durham Constipation Clinic at the University Hospital North Durham, helping clients explore the way in which their thoughts, feelings and behaviours may trigger and impact on their symptoms and vice versa. Working together to increase their knowledge and understanding of their condition and develop new skills to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing and take back control of their lives.

Working Together to achieve success

Get out of your own way by breaking through your struggles and developing a peak mindset for ultimate success.

Discover the patterns that are holding you back and establish new ones to actively move you forward.

Explore your expectations about yourself, your life and your business, challenging the ones that are unrealistic or unhelpful and setting ones that are achievable and inspiring.

Become the best possible version of you and live your best life!

Happy Clients

If you are considering Donna as a Transformational Coach I would 100% fully recommend her, call her have a chat and she will answer any of your questions honestly and openly.
I have such exciting times ahead and I know Donna will be with me all the way. I’m so glad I found her!”

Charlotte Carter – Transformational Impact Coach

“Its been mind blowing having the opportunity to work with Donna intensively this week. I got even more out of it than I thought possible.”

Marnie Wynne – Mind & Body Coach

Working with Donna has helped me believe in myself and achieve some extraordinary business goals that I had been struggling to realise before.

 After talking, listening, learning and most importantly putting this knowledge into practice over a series of one to one sessions I’m not only living the life I love but I’ve changed my whole outlook and behaviour.

 The knock on effect in all areas of my life from this has been truly mindblowing and I feel like I’ve been let in on a secret that everyone should know!

 With Donna’s coaching I have, in a few short months, gone from a place of negativity where I genuinely could not see a way forward to one where I was videoing myself signing a film contract to send to her to say ‘it really does work!’

Neil Jackson – Film Maker


Transform Your Life!

About Me

The foundation of successful coaching is built on one thing – the relationship between coach and client. It’s really important that you feel that I’m the right coach for you. So here is a little bit about who I am.

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